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Welcome to the IoT Developer Zone, the home of technical documentation, user guides, tutorials and other resources related to the AVSystem IoT product portfolio and the Lightweight M2M protocol. This is the place for you to learn how to shape the world of connected devices.

IoT documentation

Azure IoT integration guide

Learn how to integrate your Coiote DM assets with Azure IoT Hub, Azure IoT Central, and Azure DPS.

AWS IoT integration guide

Make the most of your AWS IoT Core devices by integrating them with Coiote DM.

Device tests guide

Learn how to test your LwM2M devices with the Device tests program.

Anjay LwM2M library documentation

Get to know the ropes of the Anjay LwM2M Client Software Development Kit.

Anjay integrations

Integrate your boards and prototype LwM2M applications with the Anjay Client based on freeRTOS and Zephyr OS.

PTC Thingworx Integration

Learn how to integrate your Coiote DM assets with the PTC ThingWorx Platform.

IoT developer blog

Coiote DM videos

AVsystem video - Developers Zone

Tutorial: Coiote IoT Device Management & Azure IoT Hub integration

AVsystem video - Developers Zone

Coiote IoT Device Management - Introduction

AVsystem video - Developers Zone

Best practices for secure IoT device communication and data processing