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Exporting devices to Azure IoT Hub#

If you have device entities in Coiote DM that you would like to manage via the Azure IoT Hub, you may use the export functionality. Follow the instruction below to learn how to do it in four basic steps:

  1. Create a device
  2. Create a group of devices for export
  3. Get the Azure Blob storage connection string
  4. Export your devices


  • An active Azure Blob Storage account. Click here to learn more.

Create a device entity in Coiote DM#

If you don't have any devices in your Coiote DM Device Inventory, follow these instructions to add one or more devices.

  1. In the Coiote DM Device Inventory, select Device Creator. Device Creator button
  2. In the next screen, choose the Connect your LwM2M device directly via the Management server.
  3. In the Device credentials step, provide a name for your device, then select NoSec from the Security mode list and click Add device.
  4. In the pop-up window, click Confirm to add your device entity. Now it should be listed in Device Inventory.

Create a group of devices for export#

Now that you have some devices added, you need to insert all the devices to be exported into a common group for ease of configuration.

  1. In Coiote DM, go to Device Inventory, filter the devices you would like to export and use the Add to group action. Add to group function
  2. In the pop-up window that appears, select Add to new group, provide a name for the group and click Confirm.

Get the Azure Blob storage connection string#

An Azure Blob storage connection string is required in the export process. Here is how to obtain it:

  1. In your Azure Blob storage account, go to Access keys. Azure Blob Storage
  2. Click Show keys and copy the connection string to your clipboard.
  3. In your Coiote DM user account, go to Administration --> Extensions
  4. Find the Azure IoT Hub tab and click Setup.
  5. In the tab, paste the previously copied Azure Blob storage connection string. Setting up the Azure Blob storage
    • use Test connection to see if the connection can be established correctly.
    • click Save to keep the setting.

Export your devices#

Now you are ready to export your devices.

  1. In the Device groups panel, select your group of devices for export and click the Actions tab.
  2. Under Management, select the Export devices to Azure IoT Hub.
  3. In the pop-up window: Exporting devices

    • mark Skip already exported devices optionally if you have already exported some of the devices belonging to this group.
    • select Start export.
  4. After a moment, the export operation should finish successfully. If there are any errors, you can check the credentials that you provided in the Azure IoT Hub extension setup. Exported devices

Next steps#

Last update: July 16, 2021