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Quick start#

Learn how to onboard a LwM2M device in just a few clicks.


  • An active Coiote DM user account with appropriate role assigned.
  • A LwM2M device (except for the simulated test device scenario).

Onboard a device via the Management server with PSK security mode#

  1. Upon logging in to Coiote DM, you will see the Add your LwM2M device panel.


    If you have added a device already, the panel will not show. In this case, from the navigation menu, select Device Inventory and click the Add device button.

  2. Select the Connect your LwM2M device directly via the Management server tile. Add via Mgmt

  3. In the Device credentials step:
    • In the Device ID enter your LwM2M device endpoint name, e.g. test_device. Device credentials step
    • In the Security mode section, select the PSK mode:
      • In the Key identity field, type test_device
      • In the Key field, type the shared secret used in the device-server authentication.
  4. Click the Add device button and Confirm in the confirmation pop-up.
  5. In the Connect your device step, insert the given connection parameters into your device to start connection. Example Anjay SDK command
  6. Click Go to device to see your added device dashboard. Registered device

Last update: August 16, 2021