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Visualize device data#

Learn how to visualize collected device data in your domain by setting an observation, adding a widget and diplaying it on the Dashboard.


  • An active Coiote DM user account with appropriate role assigned.
  • A connected LwM2M device supporting the /3303/ Temperature object (or a simulated test device).

Set observation and add widget#

To start collecting data to be displayed for a widget on your Dashboard, you need to set an observation on a resource. In this tutorial, we'll be visualizing temperature records of the Sensor value /5700/ resource belonging to the /3303/ Temperature object.


Data model objects that support adding widgets range from /502/ to /65534/. By default, the data is stored for 30 days. The storage retention period can be changed in the Domain configuration view.

  1. Go to the Device Center of a connected device in your domain and click the Data model tab.
  2. In the list of objects, expand the Temperature /3303/ object and click the eye icon in the Operations column. Set observation
  3. In the side navigation menu, enable the Not more often than once every and At least once every attributes with default values and click Save. Set observation attributes


    • Not more often than once every - the minimum time in seconds between two notifications.
    • At least once every - the maximum time in seconds between two notifications. The notification is sent even if the value hasn't changed.
  4. In the expanded Temperature object card, click the Add widget icon in the Widget column and click Save. Add widget


    The action of adding a widget applies for all the devices in your domain, but the widget will only display data from the 10 oldest devices (based on their Creation time).

  5. Repeat all the steps for any other connected devices in your domain which you want to include in the Temperature widget. You can add up to 10 devices to one widget.

View widget on the Dashboard#

To see the device data visualized on the widget, you need to enter your domain Dashboard for your domain.

  1. From the left-side menu, select Dashboard.
  2. Expand the Temperature widget. You should see a view similar to this: Dashboard widget
  3. Adjust the timespan for the collected data by selecting the desired period in the timespan expandable list.


    The data is refreshed automatically and periodically every 15 seconds, so there's no need to refresh the page manually.

Last update: January 18, 2023