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The Dashboard displays widgets with visualized device data for your domain. Widgets are set and configured in the Data model tab of the Device Center, along with their corresponding Observations to enable collection of the reported device data. The Dashboard widgets are displayed per domain and feature different kinds of charts depending on the type of data collected.


The Dashboard and widgets are domain-wide, so they only apply to devices belonging to your domain. You can add up to 10 devices to a single widget, and they are added chronologically based on their Creation time. So if there are, for example, 15 devices in your domain, the 10 oldest of them will only be presented on a widget.

Dashboard menu entry

Dashboard overview#

The Dashboard consists of widgets which are based on observations set on a device's data model. If you can't see any widgets in your domain dashboard, follow the Visualize device data quick start to set them up smoothly.




A total of 15 widgets can be configured for a domain. A counter showing the number of widgets left to use is displayed in the Add widget dialog window.

A widget consists of its main component, which is a chart representing the collected device data, and the Last value component, which lists the last value that each device in the widget reported to Coiote DM.

  • To adjust the displayed timespan for the widget data, select the desired period in the timespan expandable list. Choose among the predefined timespans ranging from 5 minutes up to 12 hours.


    If the widget chart displays no data, the cause might be that the 10 oldest devices in your domain were not active within the chosen timespan and no data was reported. Try chosing a wider timespan or check device connection status.

  • To view individual data readings in a chart, hover over a data point to see the reading value and its exact date.
    Widget reading value

  • To exclude a device from the chart, simply click on its name located next to the chart.


The widget data is refreshed automatically and periodically every 15 seconds.

Customize dashboard#

A dashboard can be customized. Click Customize dashboard to switch to edition mode.

  • To change widget name, expand a widget and click the pencil icon. Type the new name and click Save.
  • To delete a widget, expand a widget and click the thrash bin icon. Dashboard edition mode
  • To undo or redo your edits, click the undo or redo arrows.
  • To exit edition mode without saving changes, click Discard changes and Discard in the dialog window.
  • To exit edition mode and save changes, click Save changes.

Last update: December 16, 2022