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ESP32-DevKitC with BG96#

Integrate your ESP32-based device with Quectel BG96 module to manage it via Coiote IoT DM.


  • An ESP32 device.
  • A BG96 module with internet connection (it is strongly recommended to have a BG96 with firmware version BG96MAR03A06M1G).
  • Installed ESP-IDF and dependencies (installation steps 1-4 from ESP32 official documentation). Supported ESP-IDF version is v4.4.
  • A user with access to the Coiote IoT Device Management platform.

Step 1: Prepare project#

  1. Create a project directory for the integration.
  2. Open a command line interface and run git clone --recursive.
  3. Run . $HOME/esp/esp-idf/ and set-target esp32.
  4. Open the menuconfig with the menuconfig command, navigate to Component config -> anjay-esp32-client.
    • In Choose targeted development board, select ESP32-DevKitC and derivatives from the list of supported boards.
    • In Choose an interface, select External BG96 module.
    • In BG96 module configuration, specify the UART port, Tx pin and Rx pin for the BG96 module. Example port and pin numbers are provided in the screenshot below. BG96 UART example configuration
    • In Client options, provide device credentials and Server URI:
      • Endpoint name - your device endpoint name
      • Server URI - the address and port of your Coiote IoT DM installation, e.g. coaps://
      • Security mode - the PSK security mode
      • PSK configuration - the PSK identity and PSK key
    • In the Connection configuration, set APN name to internet for the sake of this tutorial. However, APN name depends on your SIM card operator.
    • Press s on the keyboard to Save the configuration.

Step 2: Connect BG96 module to a ESP32-DevKitC#

  1. Connect the Tx, Rx and GND pins, respectively, to the ESP32-DevKitC pins selected in the previous step.

Step 3: Add device to Coiote IoT DM#

To connect your ESP32-DevKitC to the Coiote IoT Device Management platform, use your access to a Coiote IoT DM installation, or register at to get access.

To connect the board:

  1. Log in to Coiote IoT DM and from the left side menu, select Device Inventory.
  2. In Device Inventory, click Add device.
  3. Select the Connect your LwM2M device directly via the Management server tile. Add via Mgmt
  4. In the Device credentials step:
    • In the Device ID field, type the endpoint name provided in the IDF menuconfig Client options, e.g. ESP32_test.
    • In the Security mode section, select the PSK mode.
    • In the Key identity field, type the identity provided in the IDF menuconfig Client options, e.g. ESP32_test.
    • In the Key field, type the psk key provided in the IDF menuconfig Client options. Device credentials step
  5. Click the Add device button and Confirm in the confirmation pop-up.
  6. In the Connect your device step, the server is waiting for the board to connect. You can now start connecting the device.

Step 4: Flash ESP32-DevKitC#

  1. Open the command line interface, go to your project directory, and run flash monitor.

Last update: July 19, 2023