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Welcome to the AVSystem DevZone!

In the DevZone you will find documentation related to our scalable LwM2M Server Coiote IoT Device Management platform, as well as our LwM2M Client Anjay.

Quick Start Guide#

Follow the Quick Start to build your first LwM2M application using a simulated device within 20 minutes.

The guide walks you through the process of building your first LwM2M application using AVSystem’s LwM2M Client Anjay and AVSystem’s LwM2M Server Coiote IoT Device Management platform.

Quick Start

Follow the Getting Started Guides to kickstart your LwM2M application using one of the popular hardware platforms: Nordic, STMicroelectronics, ESPRESSIF or Raspberry Pi.

Nordic STM ESPPRESSIF Raspberry Pi

Learn more about Coiote IoT DM#

Dive into Coiote IoT Device Management platform, the scalable LwM2M server and explore its numerous features. From device onboarding to Data Visualization and running automated Device Tests.

Coiote IoT DM docs

Explore cloud integrations#

With the Coiote IoT Device Management platform, you can easily integrate your LwM2M data with platforms such as Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT Core, nRF Cloud Location Services, InfluxDB or any public endpoint or Kafka cluster using the Data Integration Center.

The guides will take you on a step-by-step journey to seamlessly activate the integrations.

Webhooks Kafka Azure IoT

LwM2M Academy#

Take a deep-dive into the LwM2M standard by following the LwM2M Academy. A comprehensive online course designed to provide you with both the theoretical understanding and hands-on skills necessary to utilize the powerful LwM2M standard.

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Join our community on Discord#

Join us on Discord to get in touch with AVSystem experts and to meet fellow LwM2M developers.

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Last update: May 15, 2024