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Previous version: v2021.23.0


Read Model Factory on EU Cloud installation#

The data for the Dashboard and Device Inventory views is now provided by the Read Model Factory module deployed as a separate application to optimize resource consumption and data processing.

What changes in the application:

  1. Both the Dashboard and Device Inventory views now display bootstrap and management device entities in a single line, with links to the Device Management Center for each device entity. Device inventory
  2. In the Dashboard view, you can now search for alerts by device data - lifecycle status, domain, group, manufacturer, model name, firmware version. Device inventory

Bypassing light sessions by HealthChecker#

We have added a possibility to create a list of device IDs in cdm.conf that will have normal sessions even when the light session threshold is reached.


Whitelabelling and custom URLs in Identity and Access Management#

When logging to Coiote IoT DM (cloud installations) using a custom tenant hostname, the user can now be redirected to a login page under the same custom tenant hostname. The change applies to the Coiote IoT DM login page, User Management view and the change password view.

Last update: July 18, 2023