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Previous version: v2023.10.0


Make placeholder texts consistent#

We have replaced placeholder texts for search filters in the Operations center to make them consistent throughout the platform.

Add FOTA status card#

We have added a new status card in the Firmware update tab of a given device.

Add FOTA configuration info panel#

We have added Show configuration action to the FOTA updates list in the Device Center. The info panel for each entry contains the following properties: Firmware Update type, Firmware Update name, Notes, Image delivery method, Image transport type, URI format and Timeout.

Add endpoint name message#

We have added explicit information in the UI about the necessity for device Common Name to be the same as Endpoint name if connecting to the platform using certificates.

Make search queries consistent#

We have reworked the search functionality in the Device Group and Device Inventory views. Previously, the fields were not working consistently as some fields searched for only exact instead of partial matches. Currently, all fields allow for filtering data via a partial match. Note that if encryption is enabled, device endpoint names can be filtered only via an exact match.

Disable CSV reports download for large files#

We have introduced a limit (1000) for devices to be included in CSV reports export. This is to prevent the output CSV file being corrupted or incomplete for users with slow internet connection.

Update read/write LwM2M Server object resources in UI#

We have synchronised the dialects with OMA definitions of objects, which were introduced alongside LwM2M 1.2. Object versions corresponding to LwM2M versions were updated and now appropriate device operations are presented in the UI.

Bug Fixes#

Fix data storage period#

We have fixed an issue with the Data collection domain property, which resulted in data older than the set storage period value not being removed accordingly.

Fix newlines not retained in string values#

We have fixed an issue with newline characters being incorrectly encoded in XML values. This occasionally resulted in unwarranted line concatenation for certain string values, e.g. while editing a device resource in the Parameter tree tab.

Fix REST API authentication error message#

We have adjusted the error message appearing when requesting a REST API token token for a non-existing user to inform about incorrect credentials.

Fix OpenID Connect issue#

We have fixed an issue with the login domain not being updated properly for existing users logging through OpenID Connect.

Fix Dashboard widgets issue#

We have fixed an issue with Dashboard widgets freezing and not refreshing upon hovering over a tooltip.

Fix certificate name issue#

We have fixed an issue with trusted certificates created via device creator mistakenly receiving device ID as their name.

Last update: September 8, 2023