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Previous version: v2023.6.0


Add duplicate test action#

We have added a new functionality, which allows for duplicating single device tests in the Device test repository. Only custom tests can be duplicated.

Improve search fields consistency#

We have made improvements to the Endpoint name, Friendly name and Description search fields in Device inventory and Device groups views. It is now possible to conduct searches in all of the fields using a partial match query. Due to security reasons, if encryption is enabled, the Endpoint name can be found only with an exact match query.

Plain text - HEX conversion for PSK#

We have added the possibility to switch between the two PSK formats in the Device center. A preview of the value converted to the other format is now present in the device creator and the configuration edit dialog.

Update lwm2m-test server certificate for lwm2m endpoints#

We have changed the server certificate on installation so that it uses only secp256r1 (EC256) keys. This increases compatibility with constrained devices. To verify server certificate on installation, the device should have the certificate in the trust store.

Update endpoint name error messages#

We have added custom error messages occurring when attempting to use an endpoint name, which is already in use.

Save filtering, paging and sorting options in Device inventory#

We have added an improvement to platform navigation. If you reach the Device inventory using the back button in your browser, the previously set filtering, paging and sorting options are restored.

Ensure device alias uniqueness#

We have added a requirement for device alias names to be unique in order to prevent data sets not being complete when retrieved via API.

Bug Fixes#

Fix incorrect traffic routing#

We have fixed incorrect traffic routing to UDPC, which occasionally failed, especially if direct routing was enabled.

Fix data collection domain property#

We have fixed an issue with the Data collection domain property, where it was possible to retrieve data meant to have been deleted according to the settings.

Fix table custom settings#

We have fixed an error, which occurred for some users and caused the custom settings for menu entries (tabs) in the Device management center being reverted to the default ones.

Fix Forbidden Address Issue#

We have fixed an issue with one of the tasks interfering with security checks, which resulted in the Forbidden Address Issue error.

Last update: March 9, 2023