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Previous version: v2022.25.20


Device registration status#

We have added Never connected status for devices that have never connected to the server. Also, the Clear DTLS context and Refresh data model actions are now disabled for devices with such status.

Save user selections in the Dashboard view#

We have improved the Dashboard view so that the selected time range and sections expansion status in the Dashboard view does not reset upon each page reload. These settings are now locally stored in the user’s browser.

Add permissions to the Device Center#

We have introduced a new set of user permissions for the Device Center. Users without appropriate permissions will only have read-only access to Device Center. Edit permissions can be defined for the following actions:

  • using device actions,
  • viewing the PSK key value,
  • adding and deleting devices,
  • configuring integrations.

Bug Fixes#

Fixed invalid 401 error after long-lasting operations#

We have fixed the invalid 401 error, which occurred after longer operations in GUI, e.g. batch device migration actions lasting longer than five minutes.

Fixed devices being moved to root domain after bootstrap#

We have fixed devices being moved to the root domain instead of the designated one after successfully connecting via bootstrap. This occurred if both API translation mode and opaque device ID were enabled.

Fixed unwarranted device full register (v2022.26.1)#

We have fixed the issue with EU Cloud devices sending Register messages instead of the expected Register Updates. The root cause of the issue was incorrect internal load balancing. Introducing DTLS Connection ID support in future releases will further resolve this issue.


Swagger documentation for V3 API endpoints#

We have created documentation for the V3 API endpoints in Swagger. Descriptions as well as examples have been provided for V3 API methods.

User management documentation update#

We have added sections in the User Guide explaining how to grant or revoke administrative access to the system for particular users.

Last update: January 9, 2023