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Previous version: v2023.30.0


Implemented API throttling#

We have implemented an API request rate throttling mechanism. The throttling mechanism prevents the platform from serving excessive traffic from a single user that could exhaust the platform's computing resources. The functionality can be found under Domain management > Properties > Shared.

Introduce "Send SMS wakeup" option#

We have implemented a new action for single devices in Device Center. The option Send SMS wakeup sends an SMS to the device to trigger its registration update.


Introduce retention period for FotaConfig entities#

We have introduced a retention mechanism for FotaConfig and DeviceFotaProgress entities. The time before entity deletion is configurable. By default, it is set to 6 months.

Implement tags in event handler headers#

We have introduced replaceable tags for event handler headers. Variables with header values can be now used to configure headers in event handler creators.

Implement event handler payload templates#

We have introduced templates for event handler payloads. Variables with reusable values can be now used to configure payloads in event handler creators.

Bug Fixes#

Required CSV import data#

We have fixed an issue with CSV import in Hyperscaler Integrations Center requiring deviceId in the template. Now, it requires endpointName.

Unauthorized user is not logged out#

We have fixed an issue with an unauthorized user not being logged out from the platform. Unauthorized users are now redirected to the login page.

Fix error in settingValues API#

We have fixed an error that occurred when trying to retrieve settingValues via API endpoint /settingValues/deviceProfile/{deviceId}. Now the results are retrieved correctly.

Fix the "Refresh data" option#

We have fixed the "Refresh data" option in Device Center. After clicking the refresh button device information refreshes properly.

Firmware update fix#

We have fixed an issue with a single firmware update performed from the Device Center. The process did not proceed past the "Initializing" step because of a missing acquiring quota status. Single-device firmware update now works properly.

Make hiding columns consistent#

We have unified the behavior of hiding and displaying columns across the platform. After selecting a column from the column list, the list remains displayed. Selecting or clearing multiple columns at once is possible.

Remove possibility to change namespace#

We have removed the possibility of changing the namespace in the Domain Management edit panel. Instead of the Inherited and Set own options, the inherited namespace is displayed.

Last update: November 20, 2023