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Previous version: v2022.7.3


UDP connector in standalone mode or disabled#

We have removed the option of embedding the UDP connector within the Coiote IoT DM main system process. The UDP connector can be now either disabled or work in standalone mode. When disabling, there is no need for building a new package - setting a single config property in cdm.conf is enough:

udpConnector.mode = Disabled # Disabled or Enabled

Simplified setup of AWS integration#

We have simplified the setup of the AWS integration. Now building and updating new lambdas is automated using one configuration template with all the required lambdas and dependencies. The updated integration guide can be found here.

Modification and creation dates in Device test repository#

We have added modification and creation dates as new columns in the Device test repository.

Modification and creation dates in device test repository

Updating user properties via API PATCH method#

We have added a new PATCH method to the Users API. This allows for updating the following user properties via API: emailVerified, userEnabled, domain, password, roles, permissions, tosAccepted.

Last update: May 14, 2024