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FOTA Campaigns#

Firmware campaigns allows for updating a group of devices simultaneously. This feature enables configuration, activation, and tracking the Fleet FOTA campaign process.

FOTA campaigns dashboard#

FOTA campaigns dashboard The FOTA campaigns dashboard consists of a list of campaigns with the possibility to add or hide columns with:

  • Status
  • Name
  • Domain
  • Target device type
  • Start time
  • Finish time
  • Created
  • Created by

The possible statuses for a campaign can be as follows:

  • Active - The campaign is in progress.
  • Finished - The campaign ended.
  • Canceled - The Firmware configuration has been removed, as a result of which all the Firmware updates in this campaign are canceled.
  • Deactivated - The campaign is no longer active, as it was stopped while being in progress.
  • Scheduled - The start time for the campaign has been scheduled, but it hasn't started yet.

The Settings icon allows for adjusting the table according to your preferences. If you want to search for specific campaigns, you can type the campaign name in the search bar or filter entities per status and domain.

In the dashboard view, by clicking the Actions icon > Go to campaign details, you can preview details on the chosen campaign. FOTA campaign details The cards show Firmware update statuses and number of affected devices. The following statuses are possible:

  • Finished - completed updates with the Error and Success status
  • Not started - scheduled updates with the Not started status
  • Ongoing - updates that are in progress
  • Successful - successfully completed updates
  • Failed - updates with the Error status
  • Canceled - updates canceled manually or automatically while being in progress

By clicking on a chosen status card, you will be taken to the Updates started or Updates not started tab, depending whether the update is finished, in progress or not started yet. This view shows a list of devices concerned with assigned statuses, campaign start time, campaign finish time, and the last time when the device was active. The Updates started tab allows for filtering Firmware updates by status.

The Information tab consists of information on a chosen FOTA campaign and the used FOTA configuration.

The left-side panel summarizes FOTA campaign information and allows for deactivating the campaign with no possibility to reactivate it. If there are any ongoing FOTA Firmware updates, they will be finished normally, but the new updates won't start.

Manage groups#

You can manage groups of devices according to your preferences. Manage groups

  1. In the left-side panel, go to Device inventory.
  2. Select devices that you want to carry out actions on.
  3. Click Actions and choose the action that you want to execute.
    • To add selected devices to a group, click Add to group and specify your preferences in the dialog window.
    • To remove devices from a group, click Remove from group and follow the instruction in the dialog window.
    • To change a domain, click Change domain and follow the instruction in the dialog window.
    • To permanently delete devices, click Delete. You won't be able to recover deleted devices.

Add FOTA campaigns#

  1. To add FOTA campaign, go to Firmware Update > FOTA campaigns.
  2. In the upper-right corner, click Add FOTA campaign > Basic.
  3. In the Basic data view, provide a campaign name, description of the firmware (optionally) and select FOTA configuration. Domain selection


    You can choose between subordinate, superior or your own domain. If you select a configuration from a domain below yours, the devices included in the update will be limited to the devices under that sub-domain.

  4. In the preview section, verify the details before moving next.

  5. To schedule campaign time, click Next.
  6. Specify campaign start and finish time by choosing the date and time. The campaign can last for up to 6 months.
  7. To proceed, click Next.
  8. In the Devices section, select target device type and device group. The table shows a list of affected devices with a corresponding status, endpoint name and the last time they were active.
  9. To go to the Summary section, click Next.
  10. Once you review the details of your campaign, click Add FOTA campaign.

    If you fill in the details correctly, you will see the confirmation that your campaign has been added successfully.


    For more information on adding devices to a group, see Manage groups.

Last update: March 12, 2024