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Connect integration#

To enable communication and data flow between the Azure IoT Central and Coiote DM platforms, you first need to integrate them using the Hyperscaler Integration Center in Coiote DM. Follow the instruction below to learn how to do it.


  • An active IoT Central with hub owner access permissions.
  • A Coiote DM user account with permissions to use the Hyperscaler Integration Center.

Get the Azure IoT Central integration credentials#

  1. In your Azure IoT Central account view, from the left menu, select Application.
  2. Under Management, copy the full Application URL (along with '') into Notepad or other place to keep it for later. IoT Central Application

  3. From the left menu, click Permissions, select API tokens and click +New . Azure IoT central API token generation

  4. In the dialog window, provide a name for the token and select App Administrator as the role, then click the copy icon for the newly generated token. token generated

Now you need to use the obtained credentials in the Coiote DM platform.

Set up the Azure IoT Central integration#

Use the obtained credentials to establish the integration between Coiote DM and your Azure IoT Central application:

  1. In your Coiote DM user account, go to Administration --> Hyperscaler Integration Center Hyperscaler Integration Center menu link
  2. In the Integration tab, find the Azure IoT Central tile and click Connect.
  3. In the dialog window, paste the previously copied Application URL and API token into the relevant fields. Setting up the integration
    • click Save to keep the setting.

Your integration should now be established. To get the integration up and running, try synchronizing devices with Azure IoT Central

Last update: December 16, 2022