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Previous version: v2023.29


Synchronize UI and API endpoints validation#

We have introduced validation rules for event handler endpoints in API. The endpoint validation rules for API match the rules applied in UI.

New status for event handlers#

We have added a new status "Failed" for the event handlers in Data Integration Center. It indicates, that the handler has been automatically disabled because it reached the maximum number of failures.

Bug Fixes#

Fix device migration issue#

We have fixed an issue that allowed a device to migrate to another domain when using the platform in multiple browser tabs with different domains selected.

Fix domain certificate error#

We have fixed an error with device verification that occurred when multiple domains had the same certificate. Now, the certificate verifier finds the appropriate certificates matching the device.

Fix DTLS session termination#

We have fixed the problem with DTLS session termination when regenerating PSK. Now, the old DTLS session is not terminated immediately after generating a new PSK, but at the end of the provisioning session.

Last update: November 20, 2023