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Previous version: v2021.22.1


Record headers in Kafka messages#

You can now add record headers to the kafkaPublish tag when configuring an XML task. It means that the components responsible for the Kafka event processing (e.g., routing) no longer need to read each binary message. Instead, these components read only the record headers and therefore work faster.

Support for additional non-standard device type#

We continue to improve compatibility with devices that have incomplete or faulty support of the standard LwM2M protocol. To make such a device ready to work with Coiote IoT DM, you can now turn on and configure a non-standard logic in the Device dialects section.

New error pages#

The 400, 404, and 5XX error pages now have a cleaner and more user-friendly look.

Error pages Error pages

Bug fixes#

Uninterrupted access to GUI#

Fixed a bug where the GUI of Coiote IoT DM would crash after 30 minutes of inactivity on some installations. Thanks to the new configuration, the GUI now works smoothly even after hours of inactivity.

JDK downgrade#

To improve the speed performance of Coiote IoT DM, we’ve downgraded the JDK version from 17 to 11. No action is required for the virtual machine deployments because the JRE is included in the docker image.

Last update: July 18, 2023