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Previous version: v2023.19.0


Implement IoT Northbound Interface#

We have implemented IoT Northbound Interface in the form of Webhook and Kafka event handlers. This feature enables the users to push the device data to external services. The event handler creator is accessible through Integrations > Device Integration Center

Bug Fixes#

Fix bugs in FOTA creator#

We have fixed the position jump of the preview component in the FOTA creator. We have also changed the searching in the files side nav to 'contains' instead of 'prefix'.

Fix various FOTA errors#

We have fixed the width of a component in the multicomponent FOTA creator. We have also changed the tooltip information that appears while hovering on the plus icon in the multicomponent FOTA creator and updated the error snackbar content. 

Fix missing default LwM2M servers#

We have fixed an issue with missing default LwM2M servers that occurred when a domain or a group was created. The default LwM2M servers are now displayed properly in Administration -> LwM2M Servers.

Fix security automatically switching to Certificate#

We have fixed an issue with the device security mode automatically switching to Certificate after changing it to PSK when the device was added using a certificate. We blocked the possibility of connecting the device using a certificate while the device has another security mode selected.

Introduce endpoint name length validation via REST API#

We have implemented the mechanism to validate endpoint name length via REST API. Endpoint name length is now limited to 150 characters.

Fix inaccurate error code in REST API#

We have fixed 500 error code with no description being returned if search queries on an encrypted field were used. Such queries now return a 400 (bad request) error code as intended.

Fix misleading server error 500 code#

We have fixed an issue with the endpoint GET /api/coiotedm/v3/groups/test returning an internal server error 500 code if the provided group ID was incorrect. Invalid format of the group ID in a request now causes the server to return error 400 (Bad request).

Fix 500 error on returning to Device Inventory#

We have handled the HTTP 500 error that appeared when returning to Device Inventory from IAM if any filters were applied. Now, the user is redirected to the appropriate page.

Fix HIC template names non-uniqueness#

We have fixed issues with the user interface that occurred when copying a template in Integrations > Hyperscalers Integration Center and changing its name to one that already exists. Duplicate template names are not allowed anymore.

Add endpoint name length validation in CSV import#

We have fixed an issue with the CSV import form allowing to import devices with long endpoint names. The "endpoint name" property of a device now has a limit of up to 200 characters.

Last update: September 18, 2023