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Previous version: v2023.32


Allow defining event handler templates via API#

We introduced the possibility to define event handler templates via API. The template definition is available as an optional field when creating, editing, or testing event handlers.

Add option to change template in HIC#

We added the option to change the device template in Hyperscalar Integration Center. The templates are available under the tab Templates.

Change Factory Unique PSK computation algorithm#

We changed the Factory Unique PSK computation algorithm to improve security.

Bug Fixes#

Fix cursors in TaskReports API#

We resolved the issue with retrieving TaskReports API cursor data. Data retrieval using cursors is now working correctly.

Infinite spinner in device creator#

We fixed the issue with the infinite spinner appearing on validation with the cellular device option enabled. The infinite spinner no longer appears when validating the first step of device creation via the Management Server.

Improve formatting in Monitoring view#

We fixed formatting issues in the Monitoring view. Long text in the title is wrapped and buttons are correctly displayed.

Fix "Back to login page" action#

We fixed the issue with "Back to login page" action. Clicking the "Back to login page" button on an error page no longer causes a redirection loop.

Fix FOTA via COAP+TCP connection#

We fixed the issue with FOTA via COAP+TCP not working when on the same port as FOTA via HTTP. FOTA via TCP/TLS is now served on different ports.

Device ID displayed instead of endpoint name#

We switched the device ID to the endpoint name in the "Select device to add" option. The dropdown now displays endpoint names instead of device IDs.

Last update: December 18, 2023