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Previous version: v2023.25.2


Implement User management#

We have implemented a User management panel. It is accessible through Administration > User management

Implement LoRaWAN Gateway#

We have implemented the possibility of connecting LoRaWAN gateways to the platform through the integration with The Things Stack account. The users can now provision LoRaWAN gateways with proper parameters by bootstrapping the device or connecting it to the management server. The feature allows adding single or multiple LoRaWAN devices.


Implement event handler edit and copy options#

We have implemented the possibility to edit and copy an event handler. The edit and copy options can be accessed from the event handler table in the Device Integration Center panel.

Add a new operator in XML tasks#

We have implemented a try-catch-finally operator in XML tasks. It allows to handle errors in XML tasks and perform cleanup operations.

Validate setting observation by API#

We have implemented a validation mechanism for setting observations on a device using API. Trying to set an observation which does not comply with the validation criteria now results in a 400 error code.

Bug Fixes#

Fix issue with device tables#

We have fixed the issue with device tables missing entries after deleting a device. Now, the tables in User management, Device inventory and Hyperscaler Integration Center > Device list display entries correctly. 

Fix issue with observations on TCP devices#

We have fixed the issue with observations added on TCP devices. The platform did not update the resource value for devices that used TCP. Now, observations on TCP devices work correctly.

Fix Raw IP option in FOTA#

We have fixed the RAW IP option in FOTA scheduling. The FOTA is now scheduled correctly on devices that have to use raw IP.  

Last update: September 18, 2023