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Previous version: v2023.5.0


Remove Object ID limit#

We have removed the current limitation for the number of Object ID (> 502) in new monitoring.

Add error message for Azure integration#

We have added an error message, which informs about incorrect validation of endpoint names in the used CSV file during Azure integration.

Add new columns in device tests lists#

We have added two default new columns in the device tests list table - Created by and Last update by. They indicate which user created or updated a given test case.

Task execution scope for tasks and task templates#

We have introduced a change, so that all tasks and task templates have the execution scope property assigned. This is to avoid potential errors and does not affect existing tasks.

XML tasks security improvements#

For security reasons, we have introduced the following changes to the rest and coioteRest XML tasks tags: Requests to private IP addresses are blocked by default, Following redirections is disabled by default, Allowed protocols are limited to HTTP and HTTPS.

Remove domain select dropdown for Developer plan#

We have removed the domain select dropdown from the navigation bar as domain management is not a functionality available for users with the Developer plan.

Bug Fixes#

Fix an exception during Azure client refresh#

We have removed a faulty dependency, which resulted in an unhandled exception during Azure client refresh. We have also updated the Azure SDK library.

Fix UI issue in Device Center#

We have fixed an issue with the Set observation panel in the Device Center. It is no longer possible to interact with the inactive part of the interface, while the panel is extended.

Fix setting values not properly applied#

We have fixed an issue with setting values not being properly logged during the initial session of a device and working only after restarting a task. This occurred if setting values were accessed in a migration rule and therefore initialised prematurely.

Fix LwM2M Bootstrap panel notice message format#

We have fixed the notice message entries in the LwM2M Bootstrap panel being duplicated.

Last update: February 24, 2023