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Previous version: v2022.27.0

Architectural Changes#

Device ID compatibility translation in Device CSV import and export#

We have added the possibility to identify devices through methods other than providing in the imported CSV file. If is not available in the CSV file, it is now composed from other data (namespace/domain, endpointName, connectorType). New devices cannot have a provided during import and it is optional for Existing devices and New and existing devices import modes. This ensures full opaque configuration.


Improve table filtering#

We have improved the table filters throughout the platform. We have removed legacy table filters. State of the columns is now saved in local storage and does not revert to default upon page refresh.

Bug Fixes#

Fix Schedule a report function in Advanced CSV exports#

We have fixed an error which occurred when trying to use Schedule a report function in the Advanced CSV export.

Fix expressions issues in Advanced CSV exports#

We have fixed the device CSV export not working. We added bootstrap fields to the Simple tab and fixed export fields for DTLS. Exporting CSV files with the use of expressions also works again.

Last update: January 17, 2023