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Previous version: v2023.12.0


Configure common PSK secret#

We have configured a common PSK secret for platform installations and ensured appropriate security measures.

Implement SIM-based unique PSK store#

We have implemented a PSK store able to read pre-shared keys from a SIM representation. This allows for bootstrap communication to be used by devices after SIM OTA operation.

Implement separate certification sources#

We have implemented a possibility to use separate certificates for bootstrap and management server. It is now possible to trust device DTLS certificates only during bootstrap communication and not during management communication.

Adjust bootstrap task for Common PSK flow - first iteration#

We have added a custom bootstrap task to account for a separate domain for auto-onboarding devices. Now, automatically added devices correctly complete the bootstrap procedure and have management interface security configured.


Add Copy FOTA action#

We have added a Copy action to Updates list entries in the device Firmware update tab for both Basic and Multicomponent FOTA. The action serves as a shortcut, as it opens the FOTA creator on the first step and sets all fields to the values of the copied entry.

Add SIM-based security information#

We have added info about SIM-based security settings in the old Device Management Center view. It is now displayed along with the standard security settings configuration info.


Allow empty string input in resources#

We have adjusted field validation in the new Device Center view, so as to make an empty string a valid value for resources.


Removed deprecated api endpoint for serching users.#

REST API endpoint GET /users has been removed as it was deprecated and not working with current users management. The only endpoint for searching usernames is now GET /users/search/usernames

Last update: September 8, 2023