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Previous version: v2023.3.0

Architectural Changes#

Enable DTLSConnection ID load balancing#

We have enabled DTLS session replication and DTLS Connection ID load balancing on EU-cloud.


Remove legacy Nordic Assistance task support#

We have previously added support for the new Nordic Location Assistance and have kept backward compatibility with older tasks. However, support for the legacy Nordic Assistance task is no longer available.

Add LwM2M specification names in tooltips#

We have added tooltips which show how parameters refer to the names used in the OMA LwM2M specification. Tooltips are now available e.g. in the Set observation panel.

Add examples to REST API v3 documentation#

We have added examples and comments to all methods that were missing ones in the REST API v3 Swagger documentation.

Remove range limits for observations#

We have removed range limits for the Not more often than once every and At least once every parameters for sending notifications. The default value for both parameters now is 5 seconds.

Add new cipher suites#

We have added the following cipher suites to


Bug Fixes#

Fix unwarranted device impersonation#

We have removed the possibility of impersonating other devices in separate domains. Now by default all devices that use certificates must have Common Name set to Endpoint Name in their certificates or use some custom logic (scex). In case a device does not use such a certificate (with CN=EP), but the user still wants to connect the device with a certificate, it is possible, but the Setting Value verifyEpAgainstCertCn on the device has to be set to false. Additionally, in case of incorrect Endpoint Name used when connecting to the platform using PSK we were responding with 4.03. Currently the response has been changed to 4.00

Fix FOTA failing over Azure#

We have fixed Azure’s DirectMethodPayload type being incorrectly parsed when doing FOTA. This type of Azure request no longer results in an error.

Last update: July 19, 2023