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Previous version: v2023.7.0

Architectural Changes#

New Firmware update tab#

We have added the possibility to conduct both Basic and Multi-component Firmware Update in the user interface. This functionality is accessible through the Device Center > Firmware update > Update Firmware. We have also added two new cards in the device Firmware update tab. The Device firmware card displays the last recorded information about the current firmware version of the device. The Updates list card contains a table with a detailed overview of executed and scheduled firmware updates


Improve device logs#

We have introduced a configuration change, so that information about failed connection attempts is included in the device logs.

Bug Fixes#

Fix unwarranted tag in XML tasks#

We have fixed a bug, which caused the <ensureObservation> tag being injected into XML task code when scheduling a task via API.

Fix error not being logged#

We have fixed an error message not being properly logged in case a device could not obtain an EST certificate after being added via Bootstrap. This occurred if the Endpoint name and certificate Common Name verification (verifyEpAgainstCertCn Setting Value) was disabled and a certificate of a different device was used.

Last update: March 20, 2023