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Previous version: v2023.11.0


Improve platform theme white labeling#

We have improved theme white labelling consistency throughout the platform user interface. Changes include custom styling, colors, fonts and improved readability.

Improve IAM login page theme#

We have made the IAM login page consistent with the established theme. Changes include replacing the background image.


Improve FOTA status panel#

We have improved the status panel in the device Firmware update tab to properly show empty state if no FOTA task has been scheduled or run yet. Otherwise, the panel displays the latest FOTA task details: name and duration.

Update LwM2M server certificates#

We have updated LwM2M server certificates to ensure appropriate security measures.

New Anjay Demo commands#

We have introduced new arguments for the commands used to add a new device with the Anjay LwM2M Client Demo. It is now possible to use --identity-as-string and --key-as-string arguments, without the need to manually convert the values to hexadecimal format. Using hexadecimal string format for identity and pre-shared key is no longer required. The --alternative-logger flag ensures a cleaner output from the device.

Add additional messages for each FOTA step#

We have added additional messages in the user interface to guide the user through the FOTA procedure and provide possible solutions in case of errors.

Display platform version in the user interface#

In addition to the Licensing info view, information about the current platform version is now also displayed at the bottom of the menu bar.


Fix intermittent HTTP 500 internal server error#

We have fixed the issue with users receiving a HTTP 500 internal server error message after logging into the platform e.g after several hours of inactivity. Additional monitoring and filters have been introduced to rebalance the IAM query processing and prevent such errors.

Last update: September 8, 2023