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Previous version: v2022.23.11


Introduce new Angular Material symbols#

We have replaced the Angular Material theme icons with Material symbols, migrated the old symbol names to new ones, and replaced the custom SVG with Material symbols.

Bug Fixes#

Fixed FOTA in the "only observations" mode failing every second run#

We have rewritten some of the conditions of the Firmware-over-the-air upgrade process so that it adheres more strictly to the LwM2M specification and thus minimized cases of FOTA failure.

Fixed minor visual issues in the Data model tab of Device Center#

We have fixed the Widget and Operations columns in the Device Center Data model tab so that the green ‘success’ icons are displayed properly. Also, we have made consistent the titles of the side navigation dialog displayed when performing LwM2M operations on the Data model.


Administrator Guide updates#

We have updated the Administrator Guide so that it reflects the changes in relation to Coiote IoT DM services and installation.


  • We have fixed validation when adding a LwM2M object to a dialect
  • We have added a mechanism for deleting collected device data when a device is deleted and for deleting domain widgets when a domain is deleted.

Last update: July 18, 2023