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Previous version: v2022.14.15


Minor GUI enhancements#

  • We have fixed the behaviour of dialog windows for some platform views.
  • We have improved the looks of empty states in some places of the GUI.
  • The ‘Additional costs’ calculator in the Payment service panel has been modified so that it now includes base and additional costs.
  • Validations have been added in the Set observation side navigation dialog of the Device Center.
  • We have changed the date format presented in the GUI so that it conforms to the ISO standard.
  • Float values presented in the data model are now rounded to at most two significant digits.

Domain hierarchy support for DTLS/TLS certificates#

The DTLS/TLS Certificates panel now displays only certificates from the current domain that the user is logged into.

Bug Fixes#

Fixed the Certificate Request message when connecting over TLS/TCP#

We have fixed the Certificate Request message when the Server and Client try to connect over TLS/TCP. Connection errors for clients that use MBed TLS (including Anjay) are now solved.

Fixed the license invalidation#

We have corrected the License invalidation action so that it is done only after a configurable retry backoff time limit.

Added validation the Azure IoT Hub integration#

We have added a validation for the Device ID in the Hyperscaler Integration Center. Now the Device ID should be a string up to 128 characters long consisting of alphanumeric characters plus the special characters: '-', '.', '_', ':'. The last character must be alphanumeric or dash.

Fixed scheduling firmware upgrades when resource value is an empty string#

We have fixed an error that prevented scheduling firmware upgrades on devices whose Firmware Update Protocol Support resource value was an empty string.

Last update: August 12, 2022