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Device tests - also known as hardware in the loop tests - is a solution to test the performance of LwM2M devices and is offered as part of the Coiote IoT Device Management platform. Device tests are an essential tool in the development process of device firmware as they can be used for:

  • Validating new functionalities
  • Testing the proper implementation of the LwM2M standard
  • Regression tests to ensure new firmware doesn’t break existing functionality


The device tests are executed on real hardware.

In practice this means you can mimic real-world scenarios by instructing the server to send a series of operations to a device and monitor its behavior. The tests include basic LwM2M server operations such as Read, Write, Execute, Discover, Delete as well as advanced actions such as Loop or Wait to build more complex test cases.

The following guide walks you through the basic functionalities of the device tests solution. You will learn how to configure, run and manage your tests.

Last update: July 19, 2023