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Previous version: v2022.3.2


LwM2M CBOR support#

Coiote IoT DM now supports LwM2M CBOR, a new encoding format that was introduced in the Lightweight M2M 1.2 specification. It allows to significantly reduce the payload size of the Composite operations (Composite Read, Composite Write, Composite Observe).

Kafka producer#

Kafka is a new property category in the Domain properties view. By setting the properties, you create a Kafka producer that enables you to forward data from devices to your Kafka broker.

Set properties to create a Kafka producer


New design of the Device test repository#

We’ve introduced a new look and a few changes to improve the UX of the Device tests repository:

  • The Add test button now has two options. You can add a test manually or import tests from a .conf file.
  • Better UI of the search, filter, delete, and mass delete actions.
  • The Preview test option is now available from the context menu.

You can add test manually or import from .conf file

Bug Fixes#

HTTP status code 400#

Fixed a bug where REST API returned the HTTP status code 500 instead of 400. Now the correct 400 status code is returned in cases when, for example, a DTLS identity is already taken, when PSK contains an odd number of characters, or for the PUT/devices request.

Last update: July 18, 2023