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Previous version: v2022.12.4


New Device Center#

We have introduced the new Device Center for effective management of single devices. Designed to enable IoT developers build LwM2M applications quickly and intuitively, it features the following actionable views:

  • Summary sidebar

    • Use device actions (reboot, data model refresh, clear DTLS context, delete device)
    • Quickly check connection status and parameters
    • See basic device info

    Device Center sidebar

  • Overview tab

    • Display widgets related to device status and connectivity
    • View Device location on the map and check location details

    Device Center overview tab

  • Configuration tab

    • Upload device image and change its Friendly name
    • View and copy device connection parameters

    Device Center configuration tab

  • Data model tab

    • Perform or schedule operations on device objects, object instances, and resources:
      • Read
      • Write
      • Execute
      • Set observations
    • View the details of individual objects and resources
    • Search the data model for device objects, object instances, and resources

    Device Center data model tab The Device Center replaces the old Device Management Center view (DMC) which is still supported - use the Go to previous version button and the Go to new Device Center link to switch between them.

Last update: June 24, 2022