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Data Integration Center allows you to send messages to a Slack channel using the Slack API.


  • Slack account with appropriate permissions
  • Chosen Slack channel

Setup Slack#

To send messages to Slack:

  1. Install Incoming Webhooks.
  2. Configure it by choosing a channel e.g coiote-integration.
  3. Copy Webhook URL. Slack App Settings

Create webhook#

  1. From the previous step, paste Webhook URL as url.
  2. Set the Authorization to No authorization, as Slack treats the URL as a token itself.
  3. As body template, set e.g:

      "text": "Created new device: $endpointName"

    You can adjust the webhook according to your needs.


For detailed instructions on how to create webhooks, see the Webhook and Overview chapters.

Slack Configuration

Follow chat#

To verify if our webhook works, go to the coiote-integration channel.

Slack Chat

Last update: January 25, 2024