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Previous version: v2023.22.0


Enable LwM2M to use different content-types#

We have introduced an option to specify content-type for a particular version of the LwM2M protocol. Devices using content-type different than the previously default TLV are able to successfully connect and perform basic operations.

Bug Fixes#

Fix ConnectionLost error during FOTA#

We have fixed the issue with the ConnectionLost error occurring while performing FOTA using the CoAP protocol. Both basic and multicomponent FOTA work correctly for CoAP over TCP, and CoAP over UDP. 

Limit filename length in FOTA creators#

We have limited the length of filenames that can be uploaded in FOTA creators to up to 150 characters to prevent user inteface issues.

Fix HIC template creation#

We have fixed the data validator not detecting errors upon page refresh in the Hyperscaler Integration Center template creator. Now, it is not possible to go to the next step with undetected validation errors.

Fix logs not showing for observations API#

We have fixed the issue with logs not showing when sending requests on the endpoint /observations/device/\{deviceId}/\{path}. Now, it is possible to use both numerical and alphabetic values for the "path" filter.

Fix old Monitoring view crashes#

We have fixed the old Monitoring view causing web browser crashes and displaying inaccurate data.

Fix user token rejection error#

We have fixed an issue with the platform failing and responding with an error when IAM rejects a user token. The user is now redirected to the login page in case their token is rejected.

Last update: September 18, 2023