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Previous version: v2023.4.0


Display API version in the user interface#

We have added the API version display in the user interface. It is visible in the dropdown menu: Show documentation links icon -> Specification.

Improve domain properties tab#

We have introduced changes and fixes to the domain properties tab. It is now scrollable, the expansion panels are properly aligned and the cancel action has a new icon.

Fix tooltips not being displayed#

We have fixed tooltips not being displayed for disabled field forms, e.g. in the Set observation panel.

Change default CSV import configuration#

We have introduced a minor change to default expressions used for importing devices from a CSV file, so that the import relies on the endpoint name rather than device identifier.

Fix wrong CSV import error messages#

We have corrected an error message, which could occur during CSV import for devices without a specified connector type. The Identity has to be provided error was returned instead of ConnectorType field is mandatory.

Add support for LwM2M CBOR and SenML JSON#

We have added LwM2M CBOR and SenML JSON formats support for receiving LwM2M Send operations.

Bug Fixes#

Fix unwarranted HTML rendering in chart tooltips#

We have introduced a fix, so that device names and resource values that are valid HTML tags are not rendered as HTML in the tooltips on Dashboards.

Fix groups appearing outside the standard structure#

We have fixed redundant groups appearing outside of the standard structure in the Device groups view. This was due to incomplete removal of domains from the database.

Fix multi-instance monitoring fail#

We have fixed an error which occurred while setting up monitoring for a multi-instance resource.

Fix lwm2mBestEffortGet tag error#

We have fixed the use of the lwm2mBestEffortGet tag in an XML task returning an error message despite successfully retrieving data from the device.

Fix hanging on the handshake#

We have fixed a bug where DTLS identity was removed from the PSK store during bootstrap, which prevented the devices from being able to register.


Administrator documentation update#

We have added various sections on Alerts in the Administration documentation, under the Monitoring, logs and alerts chapter.

Last update: February 10, 2023