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Previous version: v2023.31


Length limit for XML tasks#

We limited the allowed length of XML tasks to prevent system failure due to Out of memory state. XML Tasks can now be no longer than 100,000 characters.

Remove IMSI column in HIC CSV upload#

We removed the IMSI column from the CSV upload in the Hyperscaler Integration Center when it should not be required. The column does not appear when the SIM processing is disabled in the configuration.

Allow connectivity to DEP API#

We changed the internal configuration to allow connectivity to DEP API.

Bug Fixes#

Get XML invoker error#

We fixed an issue with the Get XML invoker failing on absent value even with the parameter ignoreFaults set to "true". The parameter ignoreFaults works properly in Get, Set, and SetAttributes invokers.

Block transfer notification error#

We fixed the issue with sending notifications using the block transfer. The platform sends ACK for the first block as required by the block transfer specification.

Fix "Log in as client" option#

We fixed the issue with the user list loaded when selecting the option "Log in as client". The browser retrieves the user list correctly.

Change name of object Security#

We changed the "LWM2M Security" object name in the base dialect to "LwM2M Security" in version 1.2. The name is now consistent with the previous versions.

Last update: December 18, 2023