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Previous version: v2023.17.0


Improve FOTA error reporting#

We have improved error reporting with information gained from the "UpdateResult" resource value. Error messages in the FOTA steps include now the information based on the error or warning message logs from the LwM2M resources.

Add reCAPTCHA to IAM registration#

We have added reCAPTCHA to the IAM registration page. It helps avoid the registration of automatic or non-valuable accounts. 

Bug Fixes#

Fixed issue with logging large set requests#

We have fixed the issue with logging large set requests. The value size is now limited to 10 000 characters in the log and error messages.

Fix the DELETE method of extensions/azureIotHub#

We have implemented mechanisms to avoid an error when using the DELETE method of extensions/azureIotHub when no integration is configured for the user domain. Now, the method is only called when AzureHubConfig is present.

Fix an issue with the POST /resources method#

We have fixed the issue with POST /resources endpoint accepting an empty id field as a resource id. Now, it is impossible to initialize an entity with empty id and name fields.

Fix issue with Multi-Component FOTA#

We have fixed the issue with Multi-Component FOTA not working if the device was in LwM2M QUEUE mode. Now, Multi-Component FOTA correctly observes devices in QUEUE mode.

Last update: September 8, 2023