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Previous version: v2023.15.0


Implement separate certification sources#

We have implemented a possiblity to use separate certificates for bootstrap and management server. It is now possible to trust device DTLS certificates only during bootstrap communication and not during management communication.

Bug Fixes#

Fix FOTA steps order#

We have fixed the order of FOTA SubSteps displayed in the FOTA execution status. The steps are now sorted by the order in which they are executed.

Fix Device Center refresh#

We have introduced changes to the refresh mechanism to avoid the request being canceled immediately if the response is not returned within 1 second. It allows for introducing a 1-second refresh, which ensures smooth user experience. 

Fix cluster routing#

We have fixed bugged cluster routing on some installations with opaque device IDs. 

Fix an issue with reports returning empty value#

We have fixed an issue with reports scheduled using the device data model returning an empty value for expressions with the "dm" object. Now, the value is displayed correctly.

Fix historical monitoring data access#

We have ensured that all previous monitoring data is removed after a device migrates from a domain. This ensures, that historical data is returned only from domains to which the user has access.

Fix the EnsureObservationTask during FOTA#

We have fixed an issue with EnsureObservationTask not working during the observation-based FOTA. We have added a setting observation in certain parts of the FOTA task, to ensure that the system carries out the ensureObservationTask.

Last update: September 8, 2023