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Connect nRF Cloud integration#

Connect your nRF Cloud devices to Coiote IoT DM to track their location and save battery life. Read more about Nordic Semiconductor Location services.


To enable communication and data flow between the Nordic Semiconductor nRF Cloud and Coiote IoT DM platforms, you first need to integrate them using the nRF Cloud integration in Coiote IoT DM. Follow the instructions below to learn how to do it.

Get the Service Evaluation Token from nRF Cloud#

  1. In your nRF Cloud user account, from the expandable top-right menu, select Team.
  2. In the Service Evaluation Token field, click Generate Token and click on the icon to copy it. Generate nRFC token

Integrate nRF Cloud with Coiote IoT DM#

  1. In your Coiote IoT DM user account, go to Administration --> Integrations --> Location services. nRFC Integration menu link
  2. In the nRF Cloud tile, click Connect.
  3. In the dialog window, paste the previously copied nRFC Service Evaluation Token. Paste integration token
    • click Save to keep the setting.

Now the integration between Coiote IoT DM and nRF Cloud is established. Read the next section on how to display device location in Coiote IoT DM.

View device location in Coiote IoT DM#


To display your device location, you first need to set up the Google Maps property for your domain. Go to Coiote IoT DM User Guide to learn how to do it.

  1. In your Coiote IoT DM user account, go to Device Inventory.
  2. Click the Management link next to your device to enter the Device Center.
  3. If not selected, click the Overview tab and scroll down to the Device location section. Google maps location

Last update: July 18, 2023