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Previous version: v2023.24.0

Bug Fixes#

Fix device count bug#

We have fixed an issue with the Devices fully operable card in Operations Center. Now, the device count is displayed properly. 

Limit the summary field in TaskReports#

We have limited the summary field size to prevent data overflow and glitches in the user interface. Now, the summary must be shorter than 10000 characters.

Fix empty input in Device Creator#

We have fixed an issue with the Search by input in Device Creator displaying the option to clear the content while empty. Now, the option does not appear in the input with no content.

Introduce API changes notification mechanism#

We have introduced a mechanism to notify about changes in API. Thanks to this mechanism, it is easier to detect that an update of the API version is needed.

Fix issue with LegacyMonitoringData API#

We have fixed an issue with GET /monitoringData/moreSamples endpoint returning an error. Now, the request to the endpoint returns data correctly. 

Last update: September 18, 2023