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Previous version: v2022.26.0


Adjust width of the PSK fields in the configuration tab#

We have adjusted the width of the PSK key fields in the Configuration tab of the Device Center to accommodate longer keys in the hex format and display them properly.

Differentiate error codes in GET taskReports API method#

We have introduced differentiating error codes for the GET /taskReports/{taskId}/{deviceId} task report API so that responses for unfound tasks (4040) and not executed tasks (4041) are now different.

Bug Fixes#

Fixed no translation for key Software Management#

We have fixed the translation for the /9/ Software Management object key by updating the key Software Management with LWM2M Software Management in the default platform dialect.

Fixed incorrectly updated textual chart data in Dashboard#

We have fixed the behavior of the textual (Gantt) chart in the Dashboard widgets so that it is correctly updated after both automatic and manual data refresh.

Fixed notifications in JSON generate errors#

We have fixed the mechanism of parsing notifications sent by the device when notifications in the JSON format are set.

Fixed Incorrect DTLS/TLS Identity for PSK bootstrap profile#

We have fixed DTLS/TLS identity generation during bootstrap so that it is equal to the endpoint name. Previously, some domain configurations resulted in unwarranted inclusion of deviceID as a prefix.

Fixed observations with no attributes not recognized as set up in the data model#

We have fixed the behavior of observations set without any attributes so that they are now correctly displayed in the Device Center. Also, the Send notifications section when setting observations is now enabled by default.

Last update: January 16, 2023