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Previous version: v2022.5.3


More formats in the XML Tasks#

We’ve added a new option in the readResource XML Task. You can now specify the format in which the file content should be read. The available formats are UTF-8 (default) and binary (reads data into a hex string).

Furthermore, the REST tag now has the outBinary subtag. This means the payload of HTTP responses can be not only in JSON but also binary.

New features in the Device test repository#

SEND messages#

You can now record and expect SEND messages when running your device tests. Previously, the record and expectation functionalities were only available for the Notify operations.

To run the Start Send recording and Expect Send tasks, go to Device test repository > Server simulator. Click Add test > Add test manually and then select the relevant task from the Action list drop-down menu.

Start Send recording

In addition, the Send option was added to the Wait for uplink request task.

Send option in Wait for uplink request

Creation and modification dates#

The Created and Last modified columns have been added to the Device test repository view. If no creation and modification dates are found, then the time of the migration to the new version of Coiote IoT DM is set.

Download device tests#

You can download a single test or multiple tests as a .conf file. To do so, select the necessary tests from the list and click Download test from the context menu.

Download device tests

Bug fixes#

  • Fixed a bug where uploading large CSV files failed if it took longer than one minute.
  • Fixed a bug where Coiote IoT DM sometimes didn’t reply to Register Update.

Last update: July 18, 2023