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Previous version: v2022.24.14

Architectural Changes#

Deprecate the /devices/all/count REST API endpoint#

We have deprecated the /devices/all/count REST API endpoint. The endpoint remains visible in the REST API and will be removed from the public documentation three months after deprecation.


Date format in the Data model#

We have changed the date format in the Data model to YYYY-MM-DD (dashes instead of slashes).

Remove vulnerable dom4j 1.6.1 and xmlbeans 2.3.0 dependencies#

We have resolved vulnerabilities that could have been potentially caused by the dom4j 1.6.1 and xmlbeans 2.3.0 dependencies used to support PDF-based reports in Monitoring & Reporting > Reports.

Switch off old alert table for Device groups#

We have removed the alert table with all its underlying code from the Group Management Center.

Bug Fixes#

Fixed incorrect Hide key (hex) text field behavior#

We have fixed the behavior of the PSK key text field and the eye icon so that when the hex key is hidden, the displayed eye icon is closed (and remains open otherwise).

Fixed the select action in task templates#

We have fixed the behavior of the select checkbox in the Task templates view so that now every new selection clears the previous one.

Fixed TaskReports API endpoints always returning empty value in translation mode#

We have fixed the GET /taskReports and GET /taskReports/moreReports API endpoints so that both endpoints now return proper values of task reports.

Fixed enforcing at least one observation parameter when setting and observation#

We have removed the validation which enforced adding at least one parameter when setting an observation on a device data model. Now, all observation parameters are optional as per the OMA LwM2M specification. Also, the limit of Not more often than once every and At least once every has been lowered to 5 seconds.

Fixed allowing for uploading non-image files as device images#

We have added a validation when uploading a file for a device image which checks if the file is actually in an image format.

Last update: December 13, 2022